Flute Birds
Birds of a Feather

This is how I got started and where it has taken me, as of the summer of 2008.

My name is Ray Wood, and I am a lucky man. I live on the beautiful Island of Matlacha in Florida. It is here in my back yard that I get inspired to create the flutes that I love so much.

I had become interested in the Native American Flute about 3 years prior to learning to make them. At the time, I couldn’t play my first two flutes. One day I ran into a Native American flute maker at a local Pow Wow, and asked what the secret was and how do I play them? Kuzin Bruce was the name of the man I meet, who gave me simple directions and suggested that I practice for 10 minutes a day. In the spring of 2002 I asked if he would teach to make flutes. A few other things were discussed and I began my journey as a flute maker, and I have fallen in love with Native American flutes and Native America Flute Music.

Before I was a flute maker I was a cook for more than 30 years, the contentment I found on the restaurant work had dwindled and I didn’t want to become a grouchy old prep cook, too poor to retire. Today I’m following my dreams and would like to share them and the beauty I find in them. I find my work very satisfying and have signed and numbered each piece that has made it past inspection. These hand crafted Native American flutes are made of various woods from Cedar, Maple, Cherry, Apple, Pear, to some of the more exotic woods such as Teak and Purpleheart.

In the fall of 2006 Sherry and I had decided to give up our home base, in Matlacha, Fl. and took to the road. Our home is now on wheels and pulls my shop behind it. We have kept the name of Island Flute; after all it’s where we started. I know we will miss our little spot on the Island and we can go back and visit. We have had a wonderful time in this new segment of our adventure. I make my flutes in what ever time I can find. This includes days that we are down in between shows and at events. So if you come to an event looking for me I may not be in the Booth I may be in my shop, feel free to come back and see me. Sherry will often be working on sewing bags or working with some leather project or possibly beading something. Where ever we go now our home is with us and so is my shop.

From season to season we look forward to see all of you. Old friends that we haven’t seen through the summer and new friends we haven’t met yet. We also look forward to hearing from you any time. If you are wondering if we are close to where you are please check our events page. Check it often – when season starts we may have slipped one in at the last minute. Take a few minutes to look at my flutes. The pictures are there as samples of my work. Please feel free to email me or give me a call if there is something special that you are looking for or if you have a question or problem.

Be well & Walk in Peace,