“Bamboo holds a special place in my heart. It is where I got my beginnings both in learning how to play and it is where my Teacher “Kuzin Bruce” started me in my journey as a Flute Maker. I also have river cane from time to time. Please feel free to stop in at our next event and see us or call @ 239-822-3501 or email grw1127@gmail.com if you have a special order that you would like filled. I will do everything I possibly can to help you get the flute that is out there waiting for you.”

Bamboo Flute Specifications

Bore SizeKeyPricesTone
1/2"F#, E$80.00High
5/8/"D, C$90.00High
3/4"Bb, A$100.00Mid Range
7/8"G, F#$110.00Mid Range
1"E$150.00*Mid Range
1"D$160.00*Mid Range
1"C$170.00*Mid Range
* Price includes platform and mouthpiece

For Platform Bamboo add $20.00
Mouthpiece add $10.00
Embellishments extra

All flutes that pass my inspection and make it to my table for sale are signed numbered and dated, if you are interested sample of logo is on the drone page.   Prices updated on 09/02/2021

Please contact us for wholesale prices.