“I make my flutes from various soft woods, hard woods and some exotic woods. Prices vary with some of the different woods due the initial cost. My best flutes are generally made from wood that has been gifted to me and that has come to me in a good way. There is a gentleman that has brought me teak several times and then when Hurricane Charlie came through a neighbor gifted me with some beautiful Red Cedar that Charlie left in his wake. All donations are accepted. Please stop in at our next event or call @ 239-822-3501 or email grw1127@gmail.com if you would like to place a special order.”

Ray Wood, Native America Flute Maker

Cedar Drone Flutes

1/2"E, F#$180.00High
5/8"C, D$200.00High
3/4"Bb, A$220.00Mid Range
7/8"G, F#$240.00Mid Range
1"E$260.00Mid Range
1 1/8"D$280.00Mid Range
Hardwoods are an added $10.00 Exotic woods are subject to market prices. Embellishments are extra.

Bamboo Drone Flutes

My Teacher Kuzin Bruce and my mentor Leonard Lone Crow have been asking me for quite some time when I was going to come up with a bamboo drone. Well I had finally decided that I was going to show them and this is what I came up with. Although it really does take more work than a Native American drone flute made from wood. I have to assemble it in stages like a jigsaw puzzle. I just had to do it. Stop by and check them out.

Hardwoods are an added $10.00

Exotic Woods are subject to market prices.

All flutes that pass my inspection and make it to my table for sale are signed numbered and dated, see picture above.   Prices updated on 09/20/22.

Please contact us for Wholesale prices.

If you email or call us and it goes to voice mail please be patient with us to get back to you as we often don’t have service at the events. Thank-you.